Warm in the Winter likes Modelur because it gives a quick and easy to use tool to keep track of the sizes and square meters of our architectural and urban design projects. The seamless integration with SketchUp allows us to quickly build volumes and do a number of studies of our projects that are beneficial to us and our clients.

Beneficial To Us And Our Clients

Modelur has been a game-changer to study large and complex program mixes in some of the largest and most complex projects in distinct urban settings. Having real-time numbers and data throughout the modeling process takes the burden of calculating areas and helps us meet our clients’ requirements faster.

Game-changer That Takes Burden Of Calculating Areas

Modelur represents an outstanding contribution to the development of operational tools for more creative and, at the same time, more responsible and transparent work in urban planning and design. We can now make well-informed decisions and create harmonized spatial interventions faster than ever.

More Responsible And Transparent Urban Planning And Design