Parametric Buildings

Parametric buildings

Easily model the development in 3D according to specified goals just by adjusting selected key parameters. With Modelur, buildings are more than a mere collection of 3D faces. They can be edited directly by specifying building’s end values, such as number of storeys or gross floor area. This enables you to streamline your workflow and quickly iterate over design variations rather than tiresomely repeat manual editing and recalculation over and over again.

Urban Control Indicators

Massing results on the fly

Monitor key urban parameters in real time! Modelur calculates floor area ratio, required parking lots and many more on the fly, giving you constant overview of achieved development goals. The values can be shown directly inside 3D viewport bringing you the freedom to comfortably model the development. Control over key parameters from the start of your project, while the design is still evolving, promotes well-informed decision making.

Planning Conflicts

Real-time visualization of urban design conflicts

Get notified when your design is in conflict with urban constraints set by the municipality zoning ordinance plan. Modelur is able to automatically warn you when the site coverage or floor area ratio is exceeded and when two buildings are placed too close together.

Zazidalni Preizkus JSS Zelena Jama 02 Vizualizacija

Mixed use buildings

Creating mixed use buildings is as easy as playing with plasti bricks. Combine buildings of several land uses into a single unit. Modelur will calculate urban parameters for each land use separately, as well as the aggregate for the whole building. The mixed use building can be modeled parametrically as any Modelur building. The color of each building part is set according to its land use, so it it easy to see the land use of each part.

Parametric Maps

Fixed boundary conditions, yet flexible solution space

Meet municipality zoning rules easier than ever before! Modelur’s unique ability to automatically adapt each building to predefined set of zoning rules, such as land uses or allowed building heights, allows you to quickly create several design alternatives and enables you to explore possible solutions directly within boundary conditions set by municipality’s zoning ordinance plan.

Csv Export

Urban parameters export

Export urban parameters of your proposed development to the external file for use in your favorite spreadsheet software. CSV, Excel or Google Docs spreadsheets (an exclusive Beta feature!) are all supported. The exported data include gross floor area, net floor area, built-up area, site coverage, FAR, required parking lots, number of apartments and many more. If any part of the development is later modified, a new spreadsheet is only a mouse click away.

Custom Land Uses

Custom Land Use types

Define your own land use types, with requirements specific to your needs (e.g. set how required parking lots are calculated). Or simply choose one of the pre-defined land-use types, already built into Modelur (residential, service and industry). The colour of each building is set according to its land use, making it super easy to visualize land use distribution not only as a 2D plan, but also as volumes occupying the 3D environment.


Internationalization with multilingual support

Currently you can use Modelur in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Slovenian and Spanish language. Other world languages are planned to be added in the long run. User interface is open to customizations and you can add your own language or make translations that suit your needs.

Sketchup 01

Seamless integration with Trimble SketchUp

Modelur was built from ground-up as an extension for Trimble SketchUp. It is thus seamlessly integrated with SketchUp’s tools and workflow, making it extremely simple and easy to learn and use. What’s best, you can make use of all the benefits that SketchUp has is already offering to improve your model.